magnifying glassThere are six search engines in all, which you will find them in order in the top right menu:

 1. Search by Keyword
2. Search by Topic/Category
3. Search by Exact Date (Calender
4. Search Archives by Month/Year
5. Google Combined Search Engine ( This final search tools scans the contents of both the Eco-Logica and this Archives site.
6. Eco-Logica WTPP journal archive search

The new Eco-Logica search engine which opens the results in a new Google search page. When you click it here you are taken to another window and the Eco-Logic site, where you insert your desired key words. This search then  calls up  one or more of the indicated PDF volumes that appear on the Eco-Logica WTPP site.

Which search engine is for you.

Well as you can see, it depends. The first four are standard and straight-forward. No problem there.

As to the last two, the main difference at this point is that the Eco-Logica Back Catalogue search calls up the whole PDF files by volume.This is very useful.

By contrast  the goal of the Archives project is to bring the reader direct to the individual article in question, shortening the reference and search chain if you will. This however is still work in process but when competed will provide a powerful addition to the tool set and our ability to keep track and stay in touch with the best work of WTPP and its contributing authors since we first went on line in 1995.


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