Key Links & Sources (Draft)

brain-waves The following represents a preliminary listing of key links and sources which in our view will constitute useful reference materials and background for our readers on the matters that concern us here. This listing will be extended and refined on a regular basis. The titles in each case are directly linked to the indicated titles.

Please let us know if there are other sources that you think should be added here. (Eventually we may loop them on into a combined search engine. But first let’s develop our source list.)

    1. British Medical Journal
    2. Car Busters
    3. Carfree cities
    4. Children’s Play Council
    5. Commission for Integrated Transport
    6. Culture Change (Sustainable Energy Institute)
    7. Department for Transport (UK)
    8. Earthscan
    9. Eco-logica
    10. European Federation for Transport and the Environment (T&E)
    11. Friends of the Earth
    12. Green Net
    13. Green Skies
    14. Greenpeace
    15. House of Parliament Transport Committee
    16. I.H.E. Delft
    17. Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy
    18. KpVV- Dutch Knowledge Platform
    19. Less Traffic
    20. Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrians’ Association)
    21. Online Planning Resources, School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham
    22. Reinventing Parking
    23. Road Danger Reduction Forum
    24. RoadPeace
    25. Shared Space.Institute
    26. SLoCaT. Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport
    27. Slower Speeds Initiative
    28. Stockholm Environmental Institute at York
    29. Sustrans
    30. Tallinn – Stockholm Environment Institute
    31. TRANSPORT 2000
    32. Transport and Society Research
    33. Transportation Alternatives
    34. UITP
    35. Victoria Transport Policy Institute
    36. Walking School Bus
    37. World Car Free Network
    38. World Streets

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