Searching the Archives

At this point, here are the main tools that are thus far ready to go, all available on the top right menu:

1. Search by keywords:  This is a simple search engine, less flexible  than Google but perfectly serviceable for a start.

2. Search by exact date: If you happen to know the date of the reference you are looking for, this will do the trick.

3. Search by year and month: Handy to pick up your references in this little drop down menu.

4. Search by topic:  Our goal is to create a series on internal keywords, which you can then use to search the entire database by topic (Children, cycling, car free, etc.)

5. Google Search engine:  Now these tools will become really useful once we begin to get all the various volumes on line in searchable form.  But none of these is nearly as good as Google, so we are working on finding a good way to integrate the Google search engine into the Archives site. For now, you will see a temporary work-around, which is already a handy reference tool.

One small trick. When Google Search takes you to the actual WTPP volume containing your search reference, since they are quite long, you may find it happy to repeat the specific search term you are looking for using the Control+F internal search tool. It will get you to where you want to go considerably faster than paging through the entire document.

In time we will surely improve this tool kit, but for now what you have here is already up and working.  And what is the good of an archive if you can’t find your way around it.

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