Social Media Support and the World Transport Forum

It’s 2012 and for better or worse when one talks about international exchanges of information, documents, news and views related to our topic, we are obliged to deal with the Internet in general and the social media more particular.  When World Transport was born back in 1995 this was not yet an issue (or opportunity).  But that is very much the case now and we are obliged — in a world of imperfect information and unremitting work in progress on the tools — to make the best of the lot before us.

If you click to the left column here, you will see a number of social media sites that already play a useful role in the process and goals that World Transport engages. None of them is quite as we would want them (yet), but they do a job and we are glad to work with them.

World Transport Forum

Against this background  that we would like to draw to your attention today is the World Transport Forum that we first set up in November 1999 at Today it serves 245 subscribers, coming from more than fifty countries on all continents. If you think of it as a library or specialized  depositary of messages and exchanges of  information among peers, that is a reasonable analogy, since the database holds close to two thousand entries going back to 1991.  All of which conveniently searchable.

Unconstrained by bureaucracy, economic interests or schedules, the World Transport Forum provides high-quality medium for advancing and supporting original and creative ideas in world transport policy and practice, all while offering an expanding collection of communications tools for international group work and knowledge building purposes.

This Forum is a moderated list, intended for announcements of new issues, key events and calls for collaborative projects. In parallel there is ample provision for more general discussions and exchanges in the parallel and more informal New Mobility Café. First time visitors are warmly invited to consult the Welcoming Note which explains briefly how this component of the program works

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